Classic Movies: How Did Arnold Prepare For His Terminator Role?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is most famous for his role in the original two Terminator movies. While the Hollywood star had a couple of films to his name at the time, it was his role as in that franchise that made him millions of dollars. The man was in the best shape of his life by the time he reached the second film, and many people wonder how he managed to achieve that level of physical perfection. This article will take a look at how the Austrian Mr. Universe worked on his body to ensure it stunned audiences around the world. Maybe you could try the same technique if you want to achieve a six-pack that could crush skulls.


The bodybuilder diet

Arnold spent a lot of money on personal trainers and nutritionists during his time preparing for the first and second Terminator movies. At the time, the star said “quality mass comes from quality calories,” and that statement helps to highlight his approach to healthy food. Schwarzenegger said that for every pound of bodyweight, he needed a gram of protein. That is why the man used to consume multiple raw eggs every day, and his chicken bill was through the roof. Arnold ate five healthy meals per day during his training because “three meals just isn’t enough.”

The bodybuilder workout

For the most part, research suggestions that Arnold boosted his regular bodybuilding workout with an extra two hours of exercise every single day for the six months before filming began. That meant the action star spent around five hours at the gym every day alongside his cardio workouts like jogging and running. It’s possible to find a lot of info online about the ins and outs of the exercises he performed if you take the time to read some interviews. However, the key to Schwarzenegger’s success lies in his commitment and enthusiasm for bench pressing or “pumping iron” as he likes to call it.


The controversy

There is no getting away from the fact that many people believe Arnold Schwarzenegger used chemicals during his bodybuilding exercises to boost muscle growth. However, the man himself said, “my drug was pumping iron, trust me.” Most people don’t grasp how to know if someone’s on steroids, and that’s probably where the confusion originates. Just because the man managed to build his body to the size of a gladiator doesn’t mean he cheated along the way. So, anyone who wants to achieve the same physique should steer well clear of chemicals and drugs.

Now you know about some aspects of the routine followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the late 1970s and early 1980s, achieving a body of that size shouldn’t seem quite as far-fetched. Still, those who want to replicate the process will need a lot of time on their hands. If you consider that Arnie worked out for around five hours each day, that means you would need to dedicate 912 hours every six months. That’s probably not realistic for the average person on the street. Hasta la vista baby!

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