Band On The Run… Is The Idea Of A Group Dead In Today’s Modern Culture?

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As music sales are in steep decline, what does this mean for modern bands? Are they able to make a living performing music these days? It seems that even the most successful musicians have to diversify their efforts now, by composing various soundtracks in addition to the full-time project. And with the fact that being in a band is more expensive now, and that the only way a band can make living is through touring (and even this is questionable), is the idea of the old fashioned band dead?  

The Dwindling Numbers

Now, this isn’t just in terms of the bands out there that are trying to make a living, but band members are, naturally, reducing in numbers. It’s expensive to be in a band now, and this will explain why there are so many solo artists out there using Pro Tools and composing at home. But there’s still room for a modern rock band, albeit with a few alternative setups. On websites like you can see the abundance of effects pedals and looping possibilities. And while people like Ed Sheeran have popularized the idea of the loop pedal, there is still a place for bands to provide a very effective live performance. Right Hand Left Hand are one good example of this!

The Other Ways To Make Money

It certainly appears that if you really want to make a living in music, you’ve got to sell out, albeit to an extent. Getting music in commercials appears to be one of the quick ways to make a name for yourself. If there are musicians out there looking for a way to do this, there are plenty of resources, being one of them. And if you are not keen on compromising your artistic vision or your morals, it can be a very difficult road. Many bands make their money from touring, but in order to make a significant amount of money, it’s important to have a manager that really believes in you, and have a lot of business sense yourself. It’s not uncommon for one musician to be in several bands now.

Do It For The Love, Not The Money

As clichéd as this sentiment is, it’s never been truer. Musicians can seldom survive on the income of one project alone. And even the big names have to diversify their efforts. It seems that it’s only the top tier musicians that sell out stadiums are really able to make a living. But there are so many grassroots approaches, where you can see the music scene is still thriving. And while there are more solo artists making their way up through the ranks, we can’t be surprised by this; we’re in a world where being in a band is incredibly expensive! But now, there are bands out there that are doing a purely for the love. So many notable musicians are still working a job, or have an extra income, and it forces them to focus on the fact that being in a band these days is about the love of the music. But, let’s not forget, it always was. In this respect, the idea of a band is not dead!