Another author temper tantrum

Sometimes writers (and in this case editors) just don’t get it. This guy is a perfect example. He rages and rages and rages about people slamming his/his publication’s work, proclaiming, “You don’t get to call me unprofessional!”

And then proves his critics right by acting exactly that. Unprofessional.

What this guy doesn’t seem to get is that yes, people do get to call him unprofessional. It’s part of the unwritten contract you agree to you put your work in front of the public — especially when you’re putting material out in the form of a magazine, newspaper, or website offering strong opinions. In that context, dealing with criticism, even irrational and mean-spirited criticism, IS PART OF THE JOB.

That doesn’t mean you don’t get to feel offended, put off, or otherwise irritated at stupid, mean or crazed criticism. Of course you do. What it means is that in public, at least, you just have to deal with it. Save the rants for a night when you’re having a few beers with your colleagues. Lashing out at the community who supports and/or pays you is idiotic.

Yet some people fall into that trap. Every now and then you get a writer who goes ballistic in response to people slamming their work — this one was entertaining, and there are some classics here, to name just a few — and you know what the end result always ending up being?

The author looks like a putz.

Don’t do this, people.

In this guy’s case especially, being angry that he’s been called unprofessional and then launching into a juvenile tirade makes him look unprofessional.

Because yeah, if you’re not able to accept criticism without flying into a rage, I’m afraid you’re not very professional.


  1. Frank

    I totally thought this was about somebody else! Good stuff!

  2. J.R. LeMar

    John Byrne take note.

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