Alternative Ways to Get Ahead at Work

In regards to attempting to get ahead at work you’ve probably read countless lists of what ‘should’ be done. These lists, more often that not, contain tips such as ‘dress well’ and ‘always bring new ideas to the table’. Now, these tips do hold some precedence as they don’t necessarily hurt one’s chances of workplace success. But these sorts of tips don’t deserve to hold the overarching precedence that they do. There are some alternative ways to get ahead at work too, read on to find out about a few of them.

Climb the career ladder

Don’t fail — at anything

The mantra of never failing is something you should live by when at work, no matter how many times you’re told ‘it’s okay to fail.’ Today, not just in regards to work but in all sorts of aspects of life, we are told that failing is good as long as you learn from it. But not failing in the first place is even better, right? This could mean you take longer to produce a certain piece of work than originally asked of you (and have cleared this extension before you pass the deadline) in order to produce a quality piece of work. Or it could mean passing any sort of test that is thrust upon you. Surprisingly, you can even stop yourself failing drug tests in this day and age too. The Clear Choice brand offer products that help those that use them to pass any drugs tests they are faced with — whether it be a urine, hair or saliva test. So, if you were to be faced with such a test and you, for whatever reason, fear that you will fail it then fear not — failing is now not your only option.

But do own up to mistakes

Working under the mantra of never failing doesn’t mean you won’t fail, however. And when you do fail at something, it’s imperative that you don’t shy away when it comes to owning them. Yes, it may feel like the natural thing to do to cover up any mistake you make and pretend like it never happened. But you must resist this urge to conceal your mistake — you must own up to it. Doing so will show you to be someone that one, doesn’t lie and two, isn’t afraid to make mistakes.

Don’t surrender to workplace politics

No matter where you work you are always going to find politics floating about the workplace. Whether it’s people backstabbing or people selling others out, you will always find it. There will always be that one, or that group, of coworkers that are prone spreading poison around the staff room. However, if you want to get ahead at work then you need to never yield to this poison yourself. You should never allow yourself to get carried away when it comes to talking about others or moaning about your work. The words you say will always have a nasty habit of being heard by people that you don’t want to hear them, like your boss. So, battle the office backstabber by never joining them in their backstabbery and by standing up for yourself at all costs.

There is no definitive guide to getting ahead of work. Different working environments and different bosses demand different things from their workers. By taking heed of the advice above will see you go a long way in your self-improvement venture.



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