Accident & Emergency – Shocking Facts From The Emergency Ward

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I’m sure that most of us have watched countless hospital dramas. After al, TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and ER have been incredibly popular throughout recent years. Maybe it’s because of the fantastic writing and acting, but I also think that there is another reason why these shows work so well. It’s because they are set in hospitals, something that most of us are fascinated with. These are the places where people fight for their lives and where life regularly begins and ends.



But how much do you really know about what goes on the hospital? Specifically, how much do you know about all the hard work that goes into keeping people alive in the emergency ward? Here are some facts and figures that are sure to fascinate you!

Around 40 People Arrive At The Emergency Ward Every Minute

That’s a whole lot of people who need treatment! And because of this crowd of patients that is continually descending on the emergency ward, you can imagine just how busy it can get! This isn’t good news for the hospital or its staff, as they develop extremely long waiting times, and doctors and nurses take a lot of time to get through everyone. This obviously leads to a few grumpy patients. So that’s probably one of the main reasons why no one ever seems too happy about being sent to this particular ward!

95% Of Patients Get Seen To Within Four Hours

I’ve previously mentioned that all those people turning up at the emergency will lead to long waiting times. Well, do you know exactly how long these items are? On average, 95% of patients see a doctor or nurse within four hours. Sure, this could mean that they only end up waiting for twenty minutes. But I bet on average, most are having to wait for well over an hour!




It’s Not Just Health Professionals Who Frequent The Emergency Ward

When we think of hospitals, we often just associate them with health professionals such as doctor and nurses. But they aren’t the only professionals who can be found here. In fact, you will usually find the odd attorney visiting the emergency ward. This is because there are certain lawyers and attorneys who deal with personal injurys. Some of these attorneys may need to visit their clients in hospital to get an idea of the scale of their injury and to gather evidence that they can use in court.

Drugs And Alcohol Are Huge Strains On The Emergency Ward

Did you know that there were 1,742,887 drug-related visits to ERs across the country in 2006? The figure for alcohol-related visitors is around this number as well. As you can tell, drug and alcohol abuse is a huge expense for the health industry, and this is one of the main reasons why there are such stringent laws regarding their consumption.

Hopefully, this blog post has opened your eyes when it comes to the emergency ward. You may never take the doctors and nurses who work there for granted again!