A Garden Less Ordinary: Top Tips for a Unique Outdoor Space

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Let’s face it, try as they might, many people’s gardens end up looking exactly the same. While simple wooden colours may have a classic feel, they don’t give your garden the stand-out look that makes it totally unique. Similarly, the humble garden gnome can be found in pretty much everyone’s gardens so will never provide a good talking point for your guests. This summer, why not make your garden stand out from the crowd?

A Lick of Paint

A simple job that can make the world of difference, painting your wooden fence panels can really have a huge effect. Instead of plain old mahogany, opt for a light blue or turquoise that will really provide some contrast to your garden. You can do the job yourself, and the easiest way is by using a paint-spraying device which gives a nice even finish and massively reduces the time the job takes. The beauty is that if you don’t like it, you can always change colour and start again from scratch!   

Let’s Get Ornamental

This is where you can really get creative. I’ve already mentioned the good old garden gnome, so why not replace him with someone a little more exotic? Here, we can draw some inspiration from across the other side of the world. The Japanese and Chinese are particularly famous for creating stunning outdoor spaces so it’s worth following their example. An Asian garden statue will bring a little piece of the Orient to your very own back garden. If you prefer woodland critters, there are plenty of statues of rabbits, squirrels and foxes that would feel right at home in your garden.

Even better, water features have the additional bonus of adding some sound and movement to your garden. You can choose anything from huge colourful cascading fountains, to simple classic cherubs. There is no doubt that ornaments and water features also provide a great talking point for your guests.   

A Place to Relax

Away from classic garden chairs and loungers, I always think that garden benches are a nice choice. Another slightly different choice is a corner sofa which also has the added benefit of providing ample seating for a number of guests. Even if you have opted for some simple garden furniture, you can enhance it by adding some colourful cushions or blankets. If you have several choices in reserve, then you can always change to give your garden a slightly new feel however often you like. You can always get ideas from Bridgman.

What’s That One Called Again?

We all know about your usual sunflowers, roses and daffodils, but have you ever thought about growing a tetradium danielii or cotoneaster vandelaarii. If not, it’s worth taking a trip down to your local garden centre to find some lesser-known plants which very few people keep in their gardens. Be aware though, these types of plants are often not commonly grown for a reason and may require a great deal of upkeep. Always ask the experts so you know what you are letting yourself in for before purchase!