6 Reasons to Buy Office Supplies in Bulk

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            As a small business owner, you’re always on the lookout for ways to cut down on your overhead costs so that you can have more money to invest in your business. Of course, one of the recurring costs that your company has is purchasing office supplies on a regular basis. You might have already considered several ways to cut down on this particular operating cost, such as canvassing from different suppliers, looking for a cheaper delivery service, or even looking for cheaper alternatives to your regular brands. However, one possible and efficient way to reduce the cost of office supplies is to purchase office supplies in bulk.

            Here are six reasons why you should consider purchasing office supplies in bulk:

1.      Buying in bulk gives you unit discounts

This is the most common and well-known reason why people buy any product in bulk; purchasing a certain product in bulk will save you money because you will be purchasing each unit of the product at a lower cost compared to if you purchase the product per piece.

Once you’re able to save money through the discounted unit price, you can turn around and pass on those savings to your customers by offering your products at a lower price. Customers will always be attracted to the business that offers them the best deal, so if you are able to cut down on your overhead costs because you bought in bulk and you can now offer your product at a lower price point compared to your competitors, they’ll have a better reason to purchase from you.

2.      It can save you time by cutting down on supply runs

Every time you go out to purchase office supplies, you’re spending precious resources that could have otherwise been used for your business. This does not only refer to financial resources such as gas money, but it also refers to your time and energy that you need to expend in getting the supplies. With bulk purchases, you’ll be able to get the needed amount of office supplies that you need in fewer supply runs.

3.      You are less likely to run out of supplies (especially during crucial times)

While you probably have a vague running idea of how much office supplies you have left in stock, you won’t always be on top of matters, especially if your office has going through a busy period. You don’t want the efficient running process of your office being disrupted because you suddenly realized that you’re out of a printer ink or some other small item that you now need to devote precious time to get. Buying office supplies in bulk is also a great move because most office supplies are non-perishable and can be placed in storage for a long time.

4.      It allows your business to go green

When you purchase in bulk, it cuts down on packaging waste and reduces your carbon footprint. For example, if you’re getting staples, buying them in bulk allows you to purchase one large box of staples, instead of several small boxes. Purchasing in bulk also means that if you’re getting your office supplies delivered, fewer trips will be needed to transport the office supplies to you. This translates to less fuel consumed, and less air pollution produced.

Some places even offer tax cuts for businesses that take the initiative to go green with their business practices, so you can check if your area has this kind of benefit that you can use!

5.      There is a better chance of quality assurance

Another reason to purchase in bulk becomes apparent if you are ordering customized office supplies. Customized office supplies, such as printed envelopes for businesses or stationary paper bearing a company’s logo, has a higher quality assurance rate if it is purchased and created in bulk, rather than making them in smaller batches. If the items are created in bulk, there is a better chance of the same raw material and production process being used, compared to smaller orders where the raw material could come from different sources, or an error can occur during the production process.

6.      You’ll be ready for “demand surges”

If you have a thriving business, there will be times when your business hits peak production and customer engagement. For example, if you have a wedding planning business, your peak season is probably during the spring months. During these months, you will probably burn through your office supply stocks much quicker compared to other times of the year, so purchasing in bulk allows you to always be ready to respond to and fulfill client needs even when they are coming in one after the other.  


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