6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Business’s Exposure

If your business is on a tight budget, you should know that increasing your exposure is entirely possible. It also doesn’t have to be expensive because often the tiniest tweaks make the biggest difference.

Incentivise with customer rewards

When opposed to selling to someone who has already purchased from you, acquiring new customers costs five times more. If you want to take advantage of this, the best way to do so is to put money into a customer incentive programme. This is a fantastic solution that also allows you to actively advertise your company. If you want to keep your buyers coming back, instead of offering them goods from other suppliers, try providing them discounts or even incentives.


Take advantage of radio

While it’s true that video killed the radio star, the radio still plays a huge role in advertisements. Think about how many people have the radio on in the background at work, home, and even in the car. That’s millions of people every day that could hear your jingle or radio ad in the background! The Howard Stern radio show is highly popular, so you might want to advertise your company on Howard Stern for some much needed exposure.


Emails are inexpensive, but they can provide a significant return on investment. Email campaigns are incredibly inexpensive to run, and you don’t need a lot of experience dealing with them to do so. There are numerous applications available to assist you in creating the ideal campaign, and you will be astonished at how simple it is to achieve the desired outcomes.

Be creative with your store displays

Store displays are an excellent tool to raise your exposure. If you’re in the fashion industry and aren’t sure how to take advantage of this, consider using female mannequins to advertise your best-selling items. If you offer fresh fruits and veggies, purchase some hampers and exhibit your day’s freshest ingredients. This will entice customers to come in and make it much easier for you to close the sale.

Let’s not ignore social media

Social media is a terrific way to advertise your website, and you’d be shocked at how inexpensive it is to get started. Create a page, upload your logo, and purchase advertising credits. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to take things to the next level while also increasing your visibility. Why not collaborate with a social media manager if you’re not sure how to use social media? They’ll be able to provide you with all of the information you require.

Paid local search

Finally, before making a purchase, the vast majority of people conduct research online. They already know what they want; all they need to do now is find the best place to get it. If you want to help yourself in this situation, you could try to invest in local search. This will assist you in rising to the top as well as helping you to outperform your competitors. PPC is also great because it can give you an advantage without requiring long-term commitments.

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