5 Signs You’re Drinking Too Much

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It’s generally advised that men drink no more than two drinks a day, whilst women drink no more than one (1 drink being 12 fluid ounces of beer or 5 fluid ounces of wine). But let’s face it, alcohol affects us all differently. This type of drinking also doesn’t take into account binging, which a lot of us do, whether it be at the odd party or every week.

So, how do you really tell you’re drinking too much? Well, besides from the obvious warnings from a doctor, there can be other tell-tale signs. Drinking may not be doing physical harm to your liver and organs, but could it could be doing harm in other ways. Here are a few indicators that your need to cut back the booze.

You forget to pick up the kids from school – again!

Most of us know when we should and shouldn’t be drinking. If we’ve got work the next day or have other responsibilities to look out for, we’ll think twice before reaching for the booze. If you’re drinking a lot and this causing you to neglect these responsibilities, whether it’s failing to pick the kids up from school, sleeping through your alarm or underperforming at work, it could be worth easing back a little or cutting out alcohol completely.

Alcohol is getting you in legal trouble

Whether it’s a DUI charge or a fight outside a bar whilst drunk, you may want to consider cutting back if alcohol is causing you to get into legal trouble. There are a range of legal services that can help you to contest against a conviction if it’s a one off case – booze may not always be completely to blame. However, if you’re continuously getting into legal trouble, you may want to consider abstaining completely from alcohol.  

You’re putting yourself in danger when drunk

Aside from the long-term damage of alcohol, you may also want to go easy if you’re getting drunk and ending up on regular trips to A&E. There may even be alcohol-induced dangerous situations that you’ve narrowly escaped in the past, but look back on with regret. Either way, alcohol could be causing you to lose sight of your inhibitions. Whilst most people do stupid things when drunk, you shouldn’t be causing yourself injury.

You’re putting others in danger when drunk

This is a clear sign that you’re not a responsible drinker. If you’ve been getting violent or driving dangerously with passenger on board whilst intoxicated, alcohol isn’t for you.

Everyone is telling you they’re concerned by how much you’re drinking

You may get the odd non-drinker who always gives you disapproving comments. However, if multiple fellow drinkers are expressing concern for how much you’re drinking, it could be a sign that you are drinking too much. Ask these people why they feel this way as it may be for one of the above for reasons – you yourself just haven’t realised it yet. There are lots of counselling services out there if you feel you need them. Just because you may not be downing spirits from the bottle doesn’t mean you can’t seek advice – drinking affects everyone differently.    

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  1. Thomas

    For me, too much is, if I’ve finished the whole bottle of wine when clearly the doctor only said a glass or two but can’t help it. But I took his advice though, I just drink red.

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