3 Impressive High-End Garden Improvement Ideas

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Gardens are a fantastic but often under-utilized part of a property. While it may be tempting to focus on improving the interior of your home, having a beautifully finished outdoor space will add that extra special dimension when hosting guests and parties. Here are three ideas for high-end upgrades to any garden.

  1. Build a Swimming Pool

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The ultimate garden statement, a swimming pool will create an amazing ambience and give you the perfect excuse to spend all weekend outdoors in the summer. While the idea might be obvious, there are many factors to consider: How big should it be? What about shape and depth? Are there any special design features you’d like?

A mix of simple rectangular design and a flat bottom will suit most gardens and create a great multi-use pool. You can then go to town on features like adjacent jacuzzis, tanning ledges, custom lighting and diving boards if you allow enough depth.

If you live in an area with only moderately warm temperatures in summer, then you can use a heat pump pool heater set to come on at the warmest part of the day to maximize efficiency and keep running costs down.

  1. Get a Studio Cabin

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Studio cabins are like mini log cabins in your backyard, and there’s been a real trend towards beautiful and modern designs that create miniature homes away from home. Whether you prefer the rustic forest feel or little architectural masterpieces, you can tailor the size and design to your particular tastes.

There’s a lot you can do with these handy studios. If you’re a freelancer or sometimes take work home with you, you could set up an office space far away from the bustle of the household. Alternatively, you could indulge your hobbies and work on your crafts, art or writing in a dedicated space, keeping all your materials on hand.

Other ideas include a home gym, meditation room, games room, kids’ den and workshop. As they look more high-end than a simple shed, they make a great statement in any garden.

  1. Create a Garden Maze

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You probably think having an actual labyrinth is something confined to Greek legends and grand country estates, but with enough room you could actually have the coolest design feature in the neighborhood with a garden maze.

The concept is relatively simple. With a design in hand, you can create a kind of floor plan and then simply plant tall hedges to create your maze. If you’re not too green-thumbed then it won’t be difficult to hire a professional gardener to do the planting for you. If designed specifically for younger children, you could keep the hedges lower so you can always have an eye on them.

You could build a maze with as little as 14m x 14m to spare, creating a maze where guests and family members genuinely get a little lost and take some time to get to the destination in the middle. You can have fun making your own treasures and even theming them for birthdays and other events.

Whether a traditional swimming pool for fun in the sun, a studio cabin where you can get peace and quiet, or your very own fairytale maze, a luxe garden upgrade will be the ultimate finishing touch on any high-end home.


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