25 Things You Should Know About Plot

Chuck Wendig brings us an excellent blog post called 25 Things You Should Know About Plot. It’s about … well, I bet you’ve already figured that part out.

Here’s an excerpt:

Let Characters Do They Heavy Lifting

Characters will tell you your plot. Even better: let them run and they’ll goddamn give it to you
on a platter. Certainly plot can happen from an external locus of
control — but you’re not charting the extinction of the dinosaurs or the
lifecycle of the slow loris. Plot is like Soylent Green: it’s made of people.
Characters say things, do things, and that creates plot. It really can
be that simple. Authentic plot comes from internal emotions, not
external mechanics.

The whole post is full of great suggestions and observations. If you write, I suggest you surf over and read it.

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