2 Future Car Safety Tech Ideas That We Really Need

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Back in June, I published a piece about modern cars and how they’re making huge strides in safety and preventing deaths. Today, I want to talk more about this, but with an eye on the future, rather than the present. By looking at modern technology and the current state of modern cars, I’ve come up with two future car tech ideas that we currently don’t have, but will be so beneficial!

Alcohol Sensors

Drunk driving is still a massive issue in this country. Too many people lose their lives because of someone’s stupid choices. What’s more, you forget it goes beyond damaging the families of anyone hurt or killed in an incident. Drunk driving cases can affect the people who sold alcohol to the individual that was caught drunk driving. They can be sued by any victims, and end up losing loads of money and maybe their entire business. I do suggest checking out a legal website to read for full details on the legalities behind all of this if you want to know more. Basically, it ruins the lives and business of people that were probably just going about their average day.

Anyway, I thought a good tech idea is a sort of in-built breathalizer sensor thing that detected alcohol levels from the driver. If it detects levels that are unsuitable for driving, then a system kicks in that locks the car. This will prevent so many drunk driving accidents from happening and save so many lives. I really hope it happens at some point, I feel like the technology is there, it’s just a matter of bringing it all together.

Adjustable Tires

My second idea is really futuristic, but I think it can be done. It goes without saying that rain or ice/snow can cause a lot of accidents that lead to deaths. There’s not a lot you can do to stop this, other than to avoid driving in bad weather conditions. But, what if you’re already out when the bad weather arrives, so you have no choice but to carry on? To my knowledge, there’s no technology that can help you out in bad weather, and stop accidents from occurring.

So, my idea is for some futuristic car tires that adjust depending on the weather. When it rains, the material changes to provide more grip than usual. When snow is detected, it changes again to add even more grip. I’m not entirely certain this is possible, but you never know with the way technology advances. It would be so useful, or you could just invent hover cars to completely eradicate any grip issues!

Those are my ideas, and I think they’re pretty good with regards to the things they aim at tackling. Imagine a world where drunk driving could be easily prevented. It would save so many lives, and I don’t think my idea is too farfetched. Granted the adjustable tire is a bit overly futuristic, but I’d love to see some sort of safety tech that made it easy to drive your car in bad conditions and adapt on the fly. Again, I think this would prevent accidents and save lives.


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