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These are various corporate/business blogs I’ve written, just a very, very, very small sample of it. Most of these are done for SEO purposes. They are usually meant to be light and informative and topical, nothing more, i.e. great for SEO traffic but not Pulitzer material. And that’s fine, because my rate is great for this stuff (wink wink)!

Please note that this is a semi-hidden page you are viewing by request. Most of this content is written on behalf of clients; the work is intended to be coming from them, not me. This is ghostwritten material. Therefore, in order to respect client confidentiality, this page is tucked away where the public cannot easily see it. If you are a prospective employer seeking to hire me for blog writing, please email me at or use my contact form for more extensive samples. Also note, all linked material is owned by the respective organizations. For a more complete overview of my writing work, please see my Writing page and Books page.

Finally, some of these business entities may have changed their websites, re-arranged links, or even closed shop since I added the material to this page. My apologies for any missed links. Please bring them to my attention, especially if you want to see the material in question.

Home Improvement

How Energy Efficient Windows Make Cold Winters Easier To Cope With – The Men With Tools

more forthcoming

Self-Improvement & Wellness


Business & Technology

more forthcoming

Live Streaming Tv Services Show No Signs Of Slowing Down – YipTV

Why Spanish Language Television Is Bigger Than Ever – YipTV

Health, Wellness & Lifestyle

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dental Implants (But Were Afraid to Ask) – Saratoga Dentistry

more forthcoming

Local Interest

more forthcoming

5 Vineyards Near Saratoga You Should Visit (Even If You Don’t Drink Wine) – Saratoga Dentistry

8 Offbeat Things You Didn’t Know About Cleveland – Escape Hunt, January 2017

5 Weird Places Near Cleveland You Have to Visit – Escape Hunt, 2016


4 Binge-Worthy Spanish-Language TV Shows – YipTV

International Cooking Shows That Will Reinvent Your Kitchen – YipTV

Getting Beyond CNN and FoxNews– YipTV

5 Spanish Language Films That Deserve Your Attention – YipTV

Why Spanish Language Television Is Bigger Than Ever – YipTV

YipTV’s Top 5 Mexican Movies Of All Time – YipTV

Fashion & Style



Boston Marathon Will Draw Millions of Viewers – YipTV

Four Hot Matches Highlight Europa League Quarter Finals – YipTV

A Look Inside the 2016 Masters Tournament at Augusta – YipTV

Inside the Historic Grand National Horse Race – YipTV

Snooker World Championship a Hot Ticket This April – YipTV

2016 FA Cup Semi-Finals Still Wide Open – YipTV

Pets & Animals


Craft Beer & Homebrewing

An Interview With Saint Benjamin Brewing – Homebrew Talk , November 9, 2016

Experimenting With Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Make Prepackaged Kits Unique – Homebrew Talk, May 16, 2016


Other Writing Samples

Easy Access, Clean Water Has Made for Big Fishing Season in Belmar – Manasquan-Belmar Patch, Sept. 24, 2012

GOP Outspends Dems Three Times Over In Toms River Race – Toms River Patch, Nov. 5, 2011

Brick Voters Give School District Sweeping Election Day Victory – The Brick Times, April 19, 2007

A Look Inside Satan’s Playground –

Rankin & Bass: Merry Christmas, You Old Bastards –


Philly Beer Week A Chance To Raise A Glass With The People Who Make Your Beer – Philly Weekly, June 14, 2014

The Homebrewer’s Survival Guide for the Holidays – Homebrew Supply, December 2016

Sour Beer Do’s and Dont’s – Homebrew Talk, August 31, 2016