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Brilliant budget garden ideas that will boost your outdoor space

It can be at this time of year when your garden or outside space can start to look a little lacklustre and tired. With fall, leaves can be falling all around, and dropping temperatures can put you off going out there. But there is no time like the present to get working on your garden and making it a space that you’re happy to be in. But the great news? You don’t need a landscape gardener to make changes. Regardless of the size of your garden, or outside space, there are things that you can change. Here are a few ideas that are all budget-friendly to help you to boost your garden. image Choose One Focus Color If you have a balcony or small outside…
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Giving Your Garden The Natural Look Without The Natural Disasters

Contributed Post We all want a garden that looks and feels natural. However, that doesn’t mean that we all want the hassle that comes with it. Some people just aren’t as eager to spend their days outside maintaining the space so much. Luckily, for those people, there are some solutions. Here’s a way to make sure that the exterior of your home has all the heart-warming natural effect without anywhere near as much of the hassle. Picture Wood is good A lot of people like using wooden fences, decking, and cladding to give their exterior a much more natural appeal. Indeed, if you finish it properly, then wood can be quite resilient. However, composite woods like an eco deck can be even better for those…
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5 Common Lawn Care Mistakes You MUST Avoid This Summer

When summer rolls around, every proud gardener likes to turn the neighbor’s heads with a lusciously verdant lawn. Whatever arboreal bells and whistles your garden boasts, a great lawn is the most crucial part of a beautiful garden. Take it away and everything else, however beautiful and perfectly maintained, falls apart. Image by Pexels While we all want to wow friends, visitors and passers-by with our lawn, some of us make pretty grievous mistakes in their over-zealousness; mistakes that can be difficult, costly and time consuming to rectify. Don’t be one of them! Check out this lawn care guide and be wary of these 5 common mistakes and this summer your lawn will be the emerald colored crown jewel in your garden. Planting without testing…
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