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Ever Wondered Where Your Luggage Goes After Check-In? Read This!

The thought of venturing off on your well-earned summer vacation has filled you with nervous excitement for weeks. You’ve been counting down the days, the hours and the minutes, and the day has finally arrived. You’ve got your tickets and passports, the kids have their mini wheelie suitcases, and the taxi has just arrived to ferry you to the airport. You lock the front door and say goodbye to your home for the next fortnight. Then the doubt and worries set in. What if your luggage gets lost at the airport? You’re sure you read a story about how one back pack was lost amongst the transit depots of random worldwide airports for two years. Surely that can’t happen to you. To put your mind…
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Top Considerations For Those Considering A Move Abroad

Contributed post Image source Moving overseas has to be one of those things we’ve all dreamed about at some time or another in our lives. It may have been a fleeting thought just recently or it might be something that has niggled away at the back of your head for some years now. The reason we say this is because so many people move abroad every year. What we call these people is a little biased, but whether you use the word immigrants or expats is up to you. The point is, more and more people are choosing to advance their life experiences by hopping overseas and broadening their horizons. It could be that the chance to work in a foreign country has presented itself;…
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How Difficult Is It Really To Move Abroad?

Image Source Moving abroad isn’t easy. If it was surely we’d all be doing it, right? Most of us have the dream of jetting off to a foreign country in the sun (or in the snow), but few of us follow through. There are many surveys out there that show how many of us regret not moving abroad during our lives, with some suggesting more than half the population regret not relocating overseas. There are lots of reasons for not making the move such as commitments and the fear of the unknown. However, a big part of not moving may simply be the effort of becoming an expat. There aren’t many bigger challenges than starting a whole new life in another country. But how difficult…
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