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Year of Hitchcock softcover = RELEASED

I know, I know, you’re probably as sick of hearing about this book as I am of posting about it! But the long-awaited softcover edition of the book I coauthored with Jim McDevitt is finally out and ready for purchase. If you passed on the hardcover — and no hard feelings if you did, because it wasn’t cheap — this is for you. It comes in at under 20 clams. Nice price for a nice book by some nice guys, yeah? So check it out and I’ll finally shut up about it. Not about my other projects, mind you. But about this one, sure. For now. You can order it from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-a-Million, and other fine retailers. It should soon start showing…
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My new book, STUFF EVERY HUSBAND SHOULD KNOW, is out today

I’ve blogged on and off about the project I tackled last spring, and am pleased to announce that my second book, Stuff Every Husband Should Know (Quirk Books 2011), is out in stores TODAY. Hooray! “Husband” is a fun, pocket-sized book that will make a great gift. It’s filled with all sorts of great stuff my wife wishes I actually did. 🙂 The book is available at Amazon (including a Kindle edition), Barnes & Noble (including a Nook edition), Target, Borders, Booksamillion, and fine bookstores and gift shops everywhere. Hey reddit!

Did you forget about Pitched 2?

I may have grown up with the heavy burden of everlasting shame on my shoulders, but I’m not so full of shame that I can’t remind folks about awesome things like Pitched! 2: Seven More Stories, the excellent (if I do say so myself) comic anthology my collaborators and I dropped on the world last fall. I’ve already done plenty of blogging about it and have posted lots of early samples. Plus, if you surf over to my website you can see finished pages from great stories like Voice of the Universe (done in collaboration with Rick Lundeen) and Some Time With The Family (featuring artists Logan Reilly and James Pipik, and letterer John Mietus), just two stories created in collaboration with a group of…
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The Geeks: Stephen Segal

Geek Wisdom

So on Monday I announced my latest project. I also promised to introduce you to the four folks I’d be working alongside. You’ve met three. Last but not least in my countdown of co-geeks is our fearless leader. Multi-author projects don’t come together without someone leading the way. Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture is no exception. Thankfully, we’ve got a preeeetty good editor and coauthor heading up this project: Stephen Segal, who I’ve mentioned before. Stephen isn’t just a Huge award-winning editor and a damn fine writer, he’s also a terrifically nice guy. But let’s stick to the first part. I’ve worked with him before and couldn’t be happier to have him leading this project. He’s a writer’s editor, but more importantly…
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A Year of Hitchcock coming to paperback

Wasn’t sure when I could safely announce this, but since our publisher has done so I guess that means I can do so, too. This fall, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense, is coming to paperback! Our publisher, Scarecrow Press, is listing it on their website with an October 28 release date and, most exciting of all, a $19.95 price point. That’s a damn nice price, and one likely to be even nicer once it hits online retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Even better, our editor informs us this edition will be targeting bookstores — which means a wider market than the largely academic readership at which the hardcover edition was aimed. Both my co-author, Jim McDevitt, and…
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