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How Technology Is Helping The Healthcare Sector

Contributed Post Healthcare is something we should be taking from strength to strength. Sure, we’ve come a long way since the dark ages, when people would have their dogs lick their wounds and we all believed in the four humours. In the modern day and age we know an awful lot more about why we shouldn’t drain people of their blood, and we know how to make our lives better by introducing some small changes to our lifestyles. But most of all, there’s a lot of new technology on the market and the horizon, and it’s being employed inside of our hospitals, clinics, and doctor offices. And with that, let’s look at a couple of the main ways technology is making the health sector better….
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Surviving Healthcare Turmoil As A Health Worker

Contributed Post Image There is no doubt that 2017 is a difficult time to work in healthcare. The topic is one of the major discussion points on the national agenda. People tend to feel strongly on both sides of the argument. One side of the political spectrum despises the Affordable Care Act – better known as Obamacare – and wants to see it dismantled. The other supports the ACA, or at the very least see it as a gateway to to a single-payer system. The two sides have been clashing, with emotions running high due to the very literal life-or-death reality the debate can influence. The most recent movements suggest that, for the moment, the ACA is here to stay. Three Republicans rebelled against the…
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Robots Are Creating A Healthcare Nerdvana

Contributed Post Image source The idea of robots with sophisticated artificial intelligence taking over the world has been one that Hollywood directors and sci-fi writers have enjoyed exploring for years. However, the fictional aspects of this concept have been what has driven the genre, until now. Sure, there are major concerns regarding machines replacing humans in the workforce, a lot of which has already begun to happen from supermarket cashiers to telemarketers. But that doesn’t mean there are no benefits because there are. There are millions of benefits, and none more so than in healthcare, where robotics is mindblowing for anyone with even a small twitch of geekiness in them. Unbelievable Precision Is Now Possible There are no two ways to put this; surgery is…
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