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5 Ways To Make Your Business Greener

Contributed Post Going green isn’t just good for the planet – it’s often good for your finances and public reputation too. There are lots of ways in which you can make your business more environmentally-friendly. Here are a few effective measures that could help your business make a significant environmental impact. Go paperless Many of today’s companies have no real use for paper. The internet has allowed information to be shared digitally, which means there’s no need to print off physical letters, rotas and contracts – you can simply rely on email and cloud sharing. As for paper mail, consider asking your suppliers to switch to digital mail. Nowadays, there are even apps for signing contracts digitally. By embracing digital technology fully, you could say…
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What Impact Will The Trump Years Have On The Environment?

Contributed Post (source) Trying to predict the impact of Donald Trump’s presidency on anything is rather like trying to herd cats. As we come closer to the anniversary of Trump’s election, the only thing that is certain about this administration is that… nothing is certain. Staff members come and go; the debate changes; arguments and distractions fly around with wild abandon. Nevertheless, the issue of climate change is such an important one that it has to be considered. What impact will 45 have on the climate? Sadly, it has to be acknowledged that the signs aren’t good. The Administration vs. The Environment Climate scientists have long been suggesting that there is a point of no return when it comes to the world coping with environmental…
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