Second Slumber

Second Slumber is a merging of m2 experiments in droning guitars with structure, backing instruments, long builds to noisy climaxes, and other journeys in sound. Recorded in the attic.


Beyond the Pale Blue Dot (2019)

  1. Taking Off  (3:51)  (bandcamp download only)
  2. Late Creative Smother Shack  (7:12)
  3. Out of Breath All The Time  (12:07)
  4. Exploding Head is Better Than Imploding Heart  (18:17)
  5. Beyond the Pale Blue Dot  (11:58)

Download the full album here.

Find it on Bandcamp Here.



Empty Nest (2020)


tentative tracklist

  1. Untitled No. 7
  3. Three Scenes at 21
  4. Lift In Sweat and Shame
  5. Empty Nest
  6. The Last Firepit

NOTES: forthcoming


Six Sonic Experiments (2020)


  1. The Electric Stage
  2. Start of Summer
  3. Destroyed Evening When Not Slumbering
  4. Fourth Song
  5. Bowl of Olives
  6. Untitled

NOTE: forthcoming