General posts about writing (sometimes my own, but not always)

3 Benefits of Regularly Writing out Your Thoughts

Image via Pixabay The funny thing about writers is that they like writing. Hold on; I promise this is going somewhere. You see, writers may engage in the act of writing in order to generate an income — as in the case of professional copywriting, for example — but it’s rare to find a writer who writes professionally and who doesn’t also enjoy writing about various topics for his or her own entertainment, or as a productive hobby of sorts. Most people can barely stomach the idea of writing anything longer than a standard Facebook post or Instagram caption. This is a shame, not just because they might find writing fun or fulfilling if they gave it an honest try, but also because there are…
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3 Ways to Avoid Misrepresentation in Your Writing

Contributed Post Image via Pixabay Writers generally like to think that the tales they’re spinning with their words are going to contribute in some positive, if small, way to the world at large. In recent time, however, there has been growing concern about the veracity of the information shared via writers, news anchors, and other purveyors of insight and opinion. In the current climate, perhaps more than ever before, it’s important for every writer to maintain their integrity and guard themselves against accusations of unethical behaviour or spreading misinformation, by means of their writing. So, here are some ways you can avoid misrepresentation in your writing. Try to present the facts without the emotional or value-judgement overlay It’s often possible to tell within the first…
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The Simple Guide To Managing Your Money As A Freelancer

Contributed Post When you freelance or work for yourself, you can experience true freedom in your career, becoming your own boss and making all of the decisions. It’s a great feeling, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are embracing the freelance way of working. Image: Kaboom Pics As with most careers, freelancing does have its downsides. The uncertainty over finding work, being responsible for your own taxes and working by yourself the majority of the time can all have an impact on your success. Money management is perhaps one of the biggest concerns for a freelancer and can be a reason why some return to the corporate world within months. However, with the right approach and some excellent advice behind you, you…
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The final stages of writing a book are always the most nerve-wracking

The last few hundred yards of a marathon are always the toughest. Well, okay, I’ve never run a marathon and doubt I could run more than a block and a half even if being chased by knife-wielding ducks, but you get my point*. I’m currently under contract with Rowman & Littlefield, and have been neck deep in writing a manuscript since last August, due to be delivered by May 1. (I’d love to be able to announce what it is, but have to wait until they release the information first.) I’m almost there. Being immersed in a big project is generally a must for me. Keeps me focused. Keeps me sane. And it’s gratifying seeing something come together piece by piece. The act of creation,…
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It’s three years and counting working for myself, and that’s amazing

Now entering four years. Should have posted something about this in October, but forgot to. In mid-October 2014, I quit my full-time job in marketing to start working for myself. It was a decision I had long pondered. A few years prior, my work situation has changed drastically and suddenly after 13 years with the same company, and while at the time I was blindsided, it was a good thing. Kicked me out of a rut. I had been deeply unhappy and seeking change, and suddenly change was forced on me. It was a blessing. Almost got caught in a new rut, but talked a lot with the Mrs., about goals, about ideas, about different ways to live. I remember the day I decided I…
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