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Wonderful Tips to Help You Write Your First Novel

Contributed Post There are so many dreams and ambitions that people have in their lives, and one of the key ones is to write a novel. This is a dream shared by so many, and yet very few people actually get the chance to do this. However, due to the growth of the self-publishing community in recent times, this is something that has become much more achievable in recent times.  So, if you feel like you have a book in you, and you want to try to write it, then you need to know the best approach to take. This means you are going to need a few tips that will let you get the best outcome and write the best book you can. Here…
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5 Magic Motivators to Get You Back Into Writing Mode

Every writer knows that impending feeling of doom as your deadline gets closer and closer. You find every excuse under the sun to put off your writing projects, even though it is an activity you genuinely enjoy once you’re into it. Finding inspiration as a writer will never be easy, but your relationship with your work can be improved. The following ideas are bound to help you feel motivated again so that you can get right back into writing mode whenever you need to. 1.Find Savvy Software There are a number of different tools you can use to get over that uninspired feeling pretty quickly. If you’re hoping to beat writer’s block, you should use software that helps to organize your thoughts in a methodical,…
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Where to Get Inspiration For Your Writing

Contributed Post Everyone, well many people at least, like the idea of becoming a writer. Sitting in a cafe, with a pen and paper, creating notes that will eventually come to a solid piece of work? It’s a romantic image, for sure. But let’s not forget that one of the reasons why it’s such a highly valued craft is because it’s difficult to do. The world would be a poorer place if anyone and everyone could be an outstanding writer. So what differentiates the can-do’s from that can’t-do’s, when it comes to writing? It’s all about the inspiration. While inspiration is elusive, there are places you can look for it. We take a look at a few places below.  Pexels – CC0 Licence Your Past…
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3 Benefits of Regularly Writing out Your Thoughts

Image via Pixabay The funny thing about writers is that they like writing. Hold on; I promise this is going somewhere. You see, writers may engage in the act of writing in order to generate an income — as in the case of professional copywriting, for example — but it’s rare to find a writer who writes professionally and who doesn’t also enjoy writing about various topics for his or her own entertainment, or as a productive hobby of sorts. Most people can barely stomach the idea of writing anything longer than a standard Facebook post or Instagram caption. This is a shame, not just because they might find writing fun or fulfilling if they gave it an honest try, but also because there are…
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