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Louis CK just came out, and no one noticed

Louis CK has a new special on Netflix called “2017.” If you don’t like Louis CK it won’t convert you, but if you do you’ll like it. It doesn’t rise to the level of “Chewed Up” or “Shameless,” but it’s better than the poorly named “Hilarious” (which was not). Good stuff that is pure Louis. More importantly, however, is that he came out as bisexual in it and no one seemed to notice. Like, he for real came out. Everyone seems to think it was just another bit intended for shock, but no. I don’t think so. I think it was a genuine coming out moment hiding in plain sight. The bit involves him talking about his love for the movie “Magic Mike” and how it stirs…
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Have You Binged Watched These? Four TV Shows That Changed America

Contributed Post Whether it’s watching Penny and Leonard finally declare their love for each other, seeing the suave Don Draper schmooze clients into historical advertising deals, or watching the cruel, underhanded Prince Joffrey finally get his comeuppance these are the shows that became so big they even changed the economy! House Of Cards Flickr Image: anntinomy During the latest airing of this tense, atmospheric political reboot we paid more attention to the goings-on at the fictional White House, so good it’s scary game-playing of husband and wife tag team Frank and Claire Underwood and the jaw-dropping twists and turns of the presidential leadership bid than real life politics. Grey haired Ex-American President and Democrat favourite Bill Clinton has stated that what you see in certain…
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How do I make a second edition of Breaking Down Breaking Bad worthwhile?

Breaking Down Breaking Bad

Back in late 2013, I decided to try an experiment: I decided I’d self-publish a book of television commentary on a show I was obsessed with at the time, Breaking Bad. The result was Breaking Down Breaking Bad. The idea was a culmination of several things coming together at once. I’d had over a decade in journalism and knew I could meet a deadline, and with the show coming to an end it looked like a great time to hit the world with something. I’d also been Editor in Chief for a website devoted to movie and TV criticism for a few years, so I’d been down the “critic” road before (though admittedly, it was never my jam; didn’t enjoy doing reviews then, don’t enjoy…
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Two nerds with beer (one of them me) beat the Kirk vs. Picard horse

Hours in the Attic debuts a new segment this week called “Nerd Fight,” which is … well, you can guess what it is. And what better way to kick it off than with a playful take on the debate nerds have been gnashing their teeth about since The Next Generation debuted? Yep, Kirk vs. Picard, with a dash of Kirk vs. Han Solo thrown in for good measure. Watch, and when you’re done check out my Star Trek marathon:

Just how historically accurate was Mad Men?

The following piece is an excerpt from Celebrating Mad Men, available in paperback and for Kindle. “I talk to them about relationships, how people might interact with a certain company at a client meeting. I also ask really simple questions, like ‘Where did you eat lunch?’”  –Mad Men researcher Kathryn Allison Mann on interviewing industry veterans (source) When Mad Men first hit the air, few things garnered as much attention as the show’s slavish devotion to capturing period-accurate detail. The show developed such a reputation for being correct in its period details that sticklers for historical accuracy have kept a close eye on things like the fonts being used just to catch them in an error. (Font Designer Mark Simonson has a fantastic breakdown on the show’s fonts on his website.) Even the typewriters used in…
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