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There was a Mork & Mindy board game for some damn reason, and I have one

The early ’80s were a weird time for board games. You either had hardcore war simulations, lightweight family games, or lousy games based on pop culture stuff. The Mork & Mindy game is obviously the latter. Mork & Mindy was, of course, the “zany” television sitcom that brought Robin Williams and giant alien eggs into all our homes. Robin Williams played an alien who talked in nonsense words. He lived with some woman, Mindy. My family watched this when I was a kid. It was goofy. For some damn reason, they made a board game out of this show. And I got my hands on one. Let’s take a look at it: I’m not sure who thought this would be a good idea. I do…
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I don’t want Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show

Earlier this week, Amazon announced it had struck a $250 million deal to produce a multi-season Lord of the Rings series. As a lifelong fan of all things Tolkien, this is not minor news. The name is a little misleading, of course, as this won’t be a television adaptation of the famous book (which had already been adapted to film by Peter Jackson in a wildly successful trilogy). Rather, the plan, according to their press release, is to “explore new storylines preceding J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Fellowship of the Ring,” along with a potential spinoff series. That’s the part that gives me pause, especially in light of the fact that Christopher Tolkien, longtime guardian of his father’s literary legacy, has stepped down from the Tolkien Estate….
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An interview with yours truly on The Walking Dead, from 94.3 The Point

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Nicole Murray from 94.3 The Point, a radio station here in New Jersey. I was in to talk about The Walking Dead (’cause a few years back I independently published a book on the show, natch). If you want to take a look — and you should, because my shirt is a wonderful shade of blue — then you know what to do.

Louis CK just came out, and no one noticed

Louis CK has a new special on Netflix called “2017.” If you don’t like Louis CK it won’t convert you, but if you do you’ll like it. It doesn’t rise to the level of “Chewed Up” or “Shameless,” but it’s better than the poorly named “Hilarious” (which was not). Good stuff that is pure Louis. More importantly, however, is that he came out as bisexual in it and no one seemed to notice. Like, he for real came out. Everyone seems to think it was just another bit intended for shock, but no. I don’t think so. I think it was a genuine coming out moment hiding in plain sight. The bit involves him talking about his love for the movie “Magic Mike” and how it stirs…
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Have You Binged Watched These? Four TV Shows That Changed America

Contributed Post Whether it’s watching Penny and Leonard finally declare their love for each other, seeing the suave Don Draper schmooze clients into historical advertising deals, or watching the cruel, underhanded Prince Joffrey finally get his comeuppance these are the shows that became so big they even changed the economy! House Of Cards Flickr Image: anntinomy During the latest airing of this tense, atmospheric political reboot we paid more attention to the goings-on at the fictional White House, so good it’s scary game-playing of husband and wife tag team Frank and Claire Underwood and the jaw-dropping twists and turns of the presidential leadership bid than real life politics. Grey haired Ex-American President and Democrat favourite Bill Clinton has stated that what you see in certain…
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