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You’ve been waiting. And the wait is over. PITCHED 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE! And even better, I’m proud to announce that all profits will go to the Hero Initiative! BUY IT NOW!!! via LULU via INDYPLANET ( (2016 update: no longer available here) via COMICSMONKEY! ( (2016 update: no longer available here) (I recommend purchasing through IndyPlanet, but all of the folks above will treat you well.)

Diving into Cerebus for Comic Book Galaxy

When the fine folks at Trouble With Comics asked me to take part in their guest reviewers month, I wasn’t going to say no. I’ve followed parent site Comic Book Galaxy for a lot of years and have always enjoyed the work of Alan David Doane and his collaborators, even when I disagreed with them. So yeah, I was happy to take part. I decided to tackle Cerebus: The Last Day, the final volume in independent creator Dave Sim’s legendary and controversial, 300-issue epic, because it would give me a chance to do commentary I’d be interested in writing. You can read my thoughts here (second item down as of the date of this posting). If you’re unfamiliar with Cerebus, this review isn’t going to…
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Eric writes comics! Anthology preview 1 of 10

Pitched Vol 1

My upcoming comic anthology is less than a week away from being sent to the printer, so there is no better time than now to give you an array of awesome previews. Nine stories written by yours truly, nine artists, ten contributors in all. I’ll preview them all over the next several days. It should be awesome. First, a sneak peek at the cover. This is not final, but it’s damn close to what the final cover will look like. And yes, we have an introduction by that Erik Larsen, he of Savage Dragon and Image Comics fame. Thanks, Erik! CLICK HERE for a larger version! More to come!

Red Meat – the comic strip, not the food

Years ago I walked into a B. Dalton store and purchased some books. Nothing extraordinary about that. But while standing at the checkout a little book o’ comic strips caught my eye. The cover had a creepy Goth kinda priest looking dude on it. Flipped through it, read one or two, and bought it on the spot. It was Red Meat, and it is disturbingly brilliant. So wrong, it’s right. Go visit their website. Buy a book. You’ll thank me later.

Calvin & Hobbes was the greatest thing ever

Is there anything in the world that was better than Calvin & Hobbes? I’m not sure there was. Sure, sure, there is eating and sex, but Bill Watterson’s masterpiece of a comic strip is right up there. Far more than three panels of humor each day, the full scope of the work will long stand as one of the great achievements of sequential art. And no, I don’t think I’m overstating the case.   In 10 years, Watterson evolved his strip from a quirky and funny comic strip that was a slightly edgy, modern version of Peanuts into something wholly unique. Something with a pretty amazing range. Something that could be risque one day and charmingly quaint the next; dealing with childhood antics on Monday…
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