Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Stuff Every Husband Should KnowThe Ultimate Husband. Yeah, that’s me. I can fix the house and cook meals and repair the car and plan the romantic vacation and … well, maybe not. I can’t REALLY do that. Better get Eric’s book.

Part of Quirk Books’ Pocket Books series, Husband picks up where books like Stuff Every Man Should Know left off, offering a fun array of tips, checklists, advice, step-by-step instructions, and more about what it takes to be a husband who doesn’t suck.

Even better, this tiny little hardcover is less than 10 bucks. Yeah, that’s awesome. But I’m not good with marketing speak, so let me turn it over to Quirk’s summary:




“All the Skills You’ll Need for Your Wife, Home & Family, Including:

•  How to Make Decisions
•  The Ten Commandments of Laundry
•  How to Hire Handymen
•  How Not to Fight over Money
•  Side with Your Wife, Not Your Mother

“Plus tips on owning a house, suggestions for classy gifts, advice on handling your family, tricks to mastering the kitchen, and much, much more!”

Cool, right? So dig it. Get it. Read it. Buy it for your boyfriend or husband or father or grandfather or friend’s husband or whoever. Stuff Every Husband Should Know was published by Quirk Books in April 2011.

Praise for Stuff Every Husband Should Know

“Many how-to guides leave the reader bored and confused with endless charts and lists of mundane activities. This book is not one of those … San Juan establishes from page one a distinct voice, one that cares about providing good information but knows that most men’s attention spans are incredibly short and the entries frequently made me laugh out loud.” –Andy Primm, Guerilla Geek

“My husband loves this book, but I love it even more! It has so many cute and funny, yet totally functional tips. Seriously, any book that has a step by step how to make a bed and how to buy jewelry is ok by me!” – Momma Drama

“must-have guide … priceless practical wisdom that all wives hope their husbands possess.” – Stacy Briggs,

“The rulebook to the game that husbands have been playing for thousands of years.” – Matthew Moretti, Mom Central

“the perfect gift for the man new to wed or this upcoming Fathers Day.” – Crazed Mind

“Honestly this is what I am going to give as a wedding gift for now on.” – Lilac Wolf and Stuff