Geek Wisdom

Geek WisdomWe live in the era of the geek. Computer nerds are our titans of industry; comic-book heroes are our Hollywood idols; the Internet is our night on the town. Clearly, the geeks know something that other folks don’t—something we could all do well to learn from.

When I was asked to take part in a project that involved waxing poetic about geek subject matter, there was no way I could say no. How could I? I am a certified geek and I love it. The best part is, I got to collaborate with a grand array of other card-carrying (and award-winning) geeks. The task itself was easy. Take the best known geek quotes, sayings, and slogans and talk about them. That’s it. Talk about the philosophy from which they sprang, the culture that spawned them, the future they look towards, and so on.

If that all sounds heavy, it’s not. Guided by Huge Award-winning editor Stephen Segal, the work of myself and four other authors is light, easy to read and enjoyable … when it’s not thought-provoking, insightful, and AWESOME. How cool is that?

Geek Wisdom was published by Quirk Books in August 2011.

Praise for Geek Wisdom


“Geek Wisdom proves that insight needn’t come from dusty old tomes and the lips of long-dead philosophers. Maybe C-3P0 isn’t Socrates and The Superfriends aren’t a French Salon, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to teach us.”—

“Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teaching of Nerd Culture is not only an invaluable guide into geekdom it’s also indispensable if you have to go undercover and penetrate a secret geek society.”—

“Any good story, religious or not, can be deconstructed to find an underlying message. That’s the unifying theme of Geek Wisdom, which treats pop culture as a form of secular religion, delivering insights on life from talking robots, flying dragons and everything in between.”—PopMatters

“Premise is nothing short of brilliant.”—Florida Times Union

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