Dissecting the Walking Dead

DissectingTheWalkingDeadHow did a show about people trying to survive a world filled with flesh-eating zombies get to be so damn popular? And does television’s most beloved gorefest have anything important to say about who we are and what makes us tick, or is it just another mindless action show? (Hint: it’s not.)

Those are the questions that Dissecting the Walking Dead seeks to answer. Slicing into the origins of the show, gutting each season to reveal its hidden themes and glaring flaws, and cutting into the characters who keep us coming back each week, it’s pretension-free criticism written for people who love to talk about the show.

Because The Walking Dead may be full of awesome zombie splatter, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a brain.







Nicole Interviews “Dissecting The Walking Dead” Author Eric San Juan – 94.3 The Point

Praise for Eric San Juan's work

"This book was damn near as intriguing as the television series. It gave me pause to think deeper on so many levels. I understood more about the actors, the characters and the whole piece of art. I would recommend this book to anyone who is a devotee of the show." - Amazon.com review

"I've been looking for ways to continue my relationship with these characters, and this was just what I needed." - Brian Spaeth, author of Flight of a Super Airplane, on Breaking Down Breaking Bad

"Celebrating Mad Men is a succinct and informative study of the seven year season hit television series ... This book is a fun and interesting volume which was better written and more entertaining than I thought it was going to be!." - C.M.. Mills, Amazon.com

"San Juan clearly articulates the complex ideas and emotions experienced by lovers of Breaking Bad. Now it's time to start watching the series again, this time with my eyes and mind a little more wide open." - Amazon.com review