A Year of Hitchcock

A Year of HitchcockSo hey, my buddy Jim and I wrote a book. We think it’s pretty good. You ought to buy it.

It’s available for preorder at Amazon and a gajillion other retailers, and it officially set for release in April.

This isn’t a self-publishing venture. The book is due out in April through Scarecrow Press, a notable publisher of scholarly tomes and the like. So hey, that’s pretty swell. We’re very happy.

It’s funny, in the more than two years since we wrote it (we began in January 2006), we’ve come across at least three bloggers who were going to attempt the same thing, i.e. watching every Alfred Hitchcock film in a year and writing about each one. Two of them barely got started before their project ground to a halt. Another managed to get a good way through Hitchcock’s British films before he faltered. Poor fellas didn’t realize that not only had we already done it, but that it was already set to be released as a book. Still, good on them. It was a lot of work and a pretty major project to undertake, so I’m not surprised none of them reached the finish line. Had Jim and I not pushed one another along, I’m not sure we would have, either.

So anyway, A Year of Hitchcock: 52 Weeks with the Master of Suspense. Check it out. Hopefully, our website will be live soon.


  1. jimmywisdom

    I don’t know why it’s amusing that my name is tagged in this blog, but it is.

  2. Brian

    Your posts-per-year rate is lacking, friend. 🙂

  3. admin

    Hey, this blogging thing is a real challenge. I’m not used to posting things to the Internet.

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