The Year of Hitchcock podcast is back!

alfredhitchcockAfter a long, fatigue-driven hiatus, Jim McDevitt and I finally got back behind the microphone two weekends ago and recorded all-new episodes of The Year of Hitchcock Podcast. We’re excited to say that we recorded enough episodes to release them every two weeks for the next few months. We’ll be discussing landmark films like Vertigo, The Birds, Psycho, and The Man Who Knew Too Much during this stretch of episodes.

We initially began doing the podcast as a weekly companion to our book, A Year of Hitchcock (which will soon be available in softcover at a much lower price). Whereas the book is approachable but serious, accessible to casual fans but also worthwhile for Hitchcock aficionados, the podcasts quickly became looser, more casual, more irreverent, and generally a place for us to have a little fun. Sometimes we veer off topic and discuss 1980s sitcoms or killer monkeys. Sometimes we offer insights not found in our book. But mostly we have fun and, hopefully, entertain once in a while.

So if you haven’t checked it out, please do so. You can set it up on your favorite blog feed at this link, the show is available via iTunes, and you can even find us on Facebook (where I hope you’ll “like” our page). Thanks!