WRITING: Some excellent blogs and resources

In a previous post I mentioned a few blogs and resources you should consider following if you’re interested not just in the craft of writing, but getting paid for it. ‘Cause doing something you love is nice, but getting paid for it is even nicer.

Well, here are a few more.

The Swivet is a mixed bag of odds and ends, but it always returns to writing. It first caught my attention with an excellent piece about self promotion that all aspiring writers ought to read, ESPECIALLY if you’re about to be or have just been published. Plenty of good advice in this blog. It also frequently returns to oft-asked questions such as how long your novel should be.

It’s largely all about promoting itself, but the Penguin Books blog is worth watching for news on upcoming authors, contests, and what’s going on in the literary world.

Not strictly about writing and instead plugged here simply because I like it is Alfred Hitchcock Geek. I’m obviously a fan of Hitchcock — obligatory name-drop of my book, A Year of Hitchcock, goes here — and I think this guy does a good job of not retreading the same old ground other Hitch sites tread. Plus, my coauthor, Jim McDevitt, and I interviewed him in a three-part (1, 2, 3) interview for our Year of Hitchcock podcast. So check it out.