Writing Has A Super Power: It Can Heal You

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Writing is a lot of things to a lot of people. It is an escape, it is a purpose, a hobby, a job and a passion, a way of life. It is the single greatest invention in the history of time because it changed the world; it took what people had been forced to remember and made it tangible. Agriculture, recordkeeping, recipes, ideas and inventions; all of these were made possible thanks to the written word. But above all of this, above all of these reasons to write, writing can heal.

Stress, worry, anxiety, the black mist and a messy mind; these are all things that we all have to deal with, and writing can help that no end, which is why we implore you to put pen to paper and fingertips to keyboards. It has this power that can help grant you relief from your troubles, and here is how:

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It Makes Sense Of The Mess

When thoughts are in your mind they swirl and whirl without any structure, and that can add to the stress. It is like trying to catch some lightning. That’s where writing comes in. Writing is like the net with which to catch the bolt. It lets you think about everything that is on your mind, and it lets you make sense of all of it, to put the mess on paper and see what it is that is on your mind.

Meditation Through Words

The next time you write, whether it is something silly, a heartfelt poem, an imperative sentence packed full of brass tacks and pain, look at what happens to your breathing. It slows. It calms. It steadies. That is the influence writing has over your body and mind, it allows you to find a peacefulness as you concentrate on what you want to say to the page, as the words flow out of your head. It is meditative. That’s why writers often refer to ‘being in the zone’, a place where they are swept away by the words.

More Words Equals More Sleep

When you are stressed, a lot of things tend to happen as a chain reaction, not least a poor night’s sleep. If you’re nodding your head like a toy glued to a car dashboard then try writing. It has a way of breaking the stress in your mind, and that is the key to a good night’s sleep. Some people read before bed because it has this effect, but some go a step further and write. Poems, short stories, a novel one page at a time, a review or a thought. Like we said, it is meditative, and that means relaxing, and that means hello sleep.

Problem Solve Like Indiana Jones

It is a tall order to try and solve a problem you can’t make sense of in your head. That’s where writing changes the game. It gives you a visual problem to look at and make sense of, a problem for which you can more easily find a solution. Grab a piece of paper and writing everything and anything that comes into your head. Not in any order, just write it down. Brainstorm. Put down the problems and find the answers. That’s the best way to heal yourself because it will let you see what actions you need to take.


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