Workplace Safety: It’s More Important Than You Think!

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You hear a lot of jargon about risk assessments and health and safety that you need to be aware of in business. When you’re the employee working for someone, you have training on how to handle a disaster, how to react in a fire and you even have work station assessments for your own comfort. When you own your own business, it’s your turn to ensure that the people you work with are safe, comfortable and healthy. No one wants to work in a death trap or somewhere they don’t feel entirely safe, and rightly so.

As a business owner, not only will you be conscious of the safety of those working in the same building and office as you, but you’ll have concerns about the costs of health and safety in the workplace. Not just the outlay of ensuring you’ve paid up man hours ensuring that people are trained in all eventualities, but also the cost on you if injuries happen due to not being clear about health and safety in the workplace. Of course, there is plenty of advice out there from places like DeSalvo Law, but ideally as a business owner you would have done everything you can to ensure the safety of the people in your charge. Implementing workplace safety is important, and we’ve put together a lot of reasons you should make it a priority.

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Productivity. Did you know that people who work in your business are far more likely to work better if they feel secure? Unsafe work practices create distractions and dangers, which takes people away from the work they should be doing and causes them to worry about their personal safety.

Reliability. Reliable staff are those who show up to work and want to be there. With employee safety tightened, there is a huge drop in employee absenteeism. People want to work safely – if they are safe, they’re at less risk of injury and taking time off work.

Standards. The standards of the workplace are often higher if people are correctly trained. Cleanliness is higher and people work better when they know they are well looked after by their employer. If you want to have staff that have high standards about their workplace, then you’ll need to ensure they are safe.

Satisfaction. People are far happier in an environment where they feel valued and by caring about their wellbeing, you can increase employee satisfaction. Everyone wants to return home safely each day and this is what you are offering by keeping safety regulations tight.

Insurance. As a business, you will have insurance in place to keep the business protected. For every accident your employees could have, you risk your insurance premiums going up. To keep this at a minimum, you should aim to review your safety practices regularly.

As a company, your most valuable asset is going to be the people that work with you. They are the reason your company earns money and makes a profit and they are what keeps you afloat. It’s only fair that in return, you keep them safe.