Work With Your Hands, Think With Your Head

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If you have a very hands-on job, you will know just how important common sense can be. It can help to keep you safe in the workplace and will prevent all manner of accidents and injuries occurring. So, even though work as a builder, plumber, or general laborer might look like you simply need to work with your hands, you also need to make sure that you think with your head as well so that you can stay safe. Here are some ways you can do that.

Always Wear The Correct Safety Clothes

No matter what type of practical work you are doing, there will always be some safety gear and clothing that you should wear. This isn’t optional! Make sure that you are always wearing any helmets and high-vis items, as this can really reduce your risk of ending up becoming a construction accident victim or causing an accident that injures someone else. Your employer has to supply you with safety clothes. If they don’t, then they are breaking the law.

Stay Away From Machinery You Aren’t Working With

If someone is operating a piece of heavy machinery that you aren’t currently working with, you should stay well away from it. One of the main causes of accidents on construction sites is people crowding around machines and dangerous equipment. Rather than getting involved in anything that you shouldn’t, stick to your own particular job. If you are needed to help with some equipment, someone will certainly call for you.


Watch Out For Heat Stress In The Summer

Lots of people who have to work outside often get caught off guard during the summer months. They might not realize how hot it is expected to get later in the day and might not prepare as well as they should. Remember that if you are due to be working outside in summer, you should always have some sun cream with you so that you don’t end up suffering from sunburn. It is also advisable to drink plenty of water and wear a hat if you don’t already need to wear a helmet. If you ever start to feel confused, get cramp, or experience hot skin without sweating, you are probably suffering from heat stress and need to go to a hospital straight away!

Take All The Necessary Training Programs

There are tons of training programs aimed at various hands-on and practical lines of work. Some of these programs will focus on the safety aspect of the job. It is absolutely crucial that you attend as many of these as possible so that you know all the rules and regulations that you need to follow. It will also give you a better idea of how to recognize a hazard and what you should do in any emergency situations. Taking one of these programs will certainly help to improve your common sense!

As you can see, your hands aren’t the only important part of your body you need at work. You also need to think with your head too!

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