Why did Boardwalk Empire lose me?

Boardwalk Empire. Oh man, everything about it was right up my alley. It was a well-polished period piece with smart writing, great actors, the involvement of Martin Scorsese, gangsters, and it was set here in my home state of New Jersey.

Plus, I’ve said before that HBO does awesome television.

So why the hell didn’t it click with me?

steve-buscemi-boardwalk-empire-season-4And I mean, it TOTALLY didn’t click with me. I only made it halfway through the first season. Like anyone with as lick of sense, I loved the setting. Great production values, great cast, great premise, and the pilot episode was pure Scorsese, which is to say it was frickin’ AWESOME.

Yet for some reason the series just failed to hold my attention. Can’t place my finger on why, either. It checked off all the right boxes, but my reaction was a great big “jeez, it’s 11, I should go to bed now.”

I keep telling myself I’ll go back and try again, but if I’m honest I know that’s not likely to happen. There’s just too much great TV out there these days, so much that you can’t keep up with it all. My backlog of stuff I want to get to is already a year+ long. If you lose me, you’ve probably lost me for good, because other shows are going to fill in the void you left behind.

So any of you out there who are fans, what am I missing? Did I give up too soon? Why do I need to watch Boardwalk Empire?