Whoooaaa, we’re halfway there

Stuff Every Husband Should KnowA little more than halfway, actually. Stuff Every Husband Should Know is chugging along nicely. We are past the halfway mark. The last few evenings have seen chapters such as How to Grocery Shop in Less Than 30 Minutes and How to Make Family Time (Even If You Work A Lot) submitted to my editor. He has yet to curse my name and call me a fool, so I guess it’s going okay.

To give you a sense of what this book will be like, check out Stuff Every Man Should Know, also by Quirk Books. Husband will be part of the same pocket books series, in roughly the same format. As you can see, it’s fun and awesome — two things I hope to increase in my own foray into the world of Stuff Every (blank) Should Know — and would make a great gift. Tentative release date is Spring 2011. Just in time for Father’s Day!

Tacky plug of the day is over.

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