Where You Can Really Flex Those Creative Muscles

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There is no time like the present to be a creative is there? In this day and age there are so many opportunities that you can flex those creative muscles. You can have a career based solely on your creativity, in many different formats. You can enjoy hobbies and indulge your spare time in doing the things that you feel passionate about. However, like with so many things in this modern world, there is choice and a lot more than there used to be. This can give you some form of creative block as you wonder where best to enjoy your passion for creating. I wanted to share with you some of the basic principles of creativity and some of the avenues you can explore within them. Whether you are a writer, a music creator, photographer or artist, to name a few, I hope that this will inspire you to flex those creative muscles in an area that best suits your skills and your passions.

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Working with music

Music is such a varied form of creativity, wouldn’t you agree? You have the niche of being able to create music and now it is easier than ever to be noticed thanks to the internet. Creating music, whether that is expression through rap or spoken verse and using backing tracks from websites like free beats, or singing along while you play an instrument and uploading it to platforms like YouTube, it is far easier for your creativeness to be seen and heard these days. You can also find that creating the recordings can be easily achieved and with some of the basic technology out there, you can record what you are doing and when. Even if that might be bucking in a busy high street or playing your local pub on a Friday evening.

Many people like to create in music a little differently and perhaps focus on the writing of music. Whether that is in the form of words and song lyrics or physically writing music for instruments. There are so many ways that you can express yourself through music and share your passions that often people tend to work within a few different creative directions.

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Writing in many different formats

Writing is another creative outlet that many people like to do, but we are less likely to pick up a pen and piece of paper these days and more likely to type away on a keyboard and publish something online. Years ago the word blog would have had people dumbfounded as to what you were even referring to but these days it seems every man and his dog has some form of blog where they write and share their passion for all to see.

You could also consider writing a book, and thanks to some of the self publishing platforms you can release your memoirs, your thought,s short stories or the novel you have had in your head yourself without the backing of a publisher. Of course, you can still go down that route as well. There is still a need for news, and many people with a creative desire to write consider a journalistic approach to their skills.

Expressing yourself through art

Another creative outlet is through creating artwork, and there are many different ways you can choose to do it. You can do it through photography and capturing images, or recreating images of the mind through drawings, sketches or paintings. There are so many ways you can do this, and many people share their artwork locally through exhibitions in local museums or art centres, as well as considering sharing their images through digital photography online. This is when platforms like blogging can also be another creative outlet when it comes to art.

Being a creative in the digital world

Finally, if you like to be creative then the digital world has some form of platform to make it so much easier to share your visions. YouTube, for example, has been a platform that has massively grown in popularity for the creatives who like to share images and videography. They can do this through vlogging and sharing their lives, capturing ordinary moments beautifully, or even creating their own short films and productions. Social media is another example at how you can be creative through the online world. Advertising now has taken a new step where brands want to work with real people to share their products and services and creativeness can come from how you advertise said product or service.

I hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to being creative.

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