What should I write next?

After my Mad Men book is out, I plan to switch focus to fiction for a little while. Have two things in mind. Two novels that are DONE but that require my attention for the next few steps in the process. Help me decide which to focus on:
1) A children’s / middle grade fantasy novel that keeps with classic fantasy tropes/clichés (think Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain books), i.e. young boy on an adventure, mouthy princess, dragons, etc. I think it’s fun and love the characters, but I don’t think I can sell it to a publisher – it’s too “standard,” and these days they want something unique – so I aim to start on the sequels and self-publish it as a series.
2) A dystopian science fiction novel about a cynical teenager who holds the key to stopping a militaristic madman’s genocidal dreams, except she just doesn’t want to get involved in all that bullshit. Lots of high-action adventure ensues (some of it akin to Spielberg’s adaptation of “Minority Report”). Think I can sell this to a legit publisher, but it needs fairly sweeping rewrites first.
There are other novels in progress, but since those two are DONE they should take priority. So where do I focus my efforts first?

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  1. Cary

    Number 2! It sounds like a lot of fun to read and I'm being selfish. Get that out first!

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