Turn The Garden Of Your Dreams Into A Reality In 3 Easy Steps

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Summer has arrived, and there is no better season to consider giving your outdoor space a well-earned makeover. Now is the time to consider the garden of your dreams. Do you love the sound of flowing water? Is entertaining space an absolute must have for any garden makeover? Carefully consider your requirements and make a list that you can refer to whenever you need inspiration. Your garden should be an expression of your personality and an extension of your home. Follow these three easy steps to ensure you design the garden that you’ve always wanted.

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Get Those Green Fingers At The Ready

The essence of any garden is the greenery that it contains. Themes and moods can be created by choosing carefully selected plants based on their shape and color. You could strive for the exotic with bold colors and striking foliage. Or you could opt for more conservative bursts of marigolds, pansies and daisies. If you are totally lacking in any horticultural knowledge whatsoever, consider employing the services of a professional. A landscape gardener does not have to take over the entire design of your dream garden, but they can advise on plants, when they flower, good flowering combinations and they can tell you how easy particular shrubs and flowers are to look after. When armed with more knowledge you will feel more confident when hot footing it to the garden center to select your plants.

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Think Zones

Gone are the days of gardens being a giant patch of lawn surrounded by flowering borders. People now utilize their gardens as entertaining spaces, a pleasant area for al fresco dining and a bespoke relaxing retreat. Think about the areas you want to create and get designing the space. A rough sketch with accurate measurements should be all you need.

It’s vital that you secure the right materials for the tasks at hand. If you are creating a patio area, it’s important that you source the finest bulk sand and gravel. By using high-quality materials, you will be ensuring a top notch end product. You can explore different types of landscaping rocks and pebbles available to give your garden the look that you crave.

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Consider A Tree

If your garden is large enough, think about planting a tree. This signifies the birth of a new chapter in your garden’s life. Trees also promote good health, well being and contentment and are excellent additions to the sanctuary of your outdoor space. You can explore different species of tree such as the willowy silver birch or the Japanese elm. If you enjoy making jams and chutneys, you could even opt for a fruit tree. Ensure that you plant the tree at least ten feet away from your house, so the roots are well away from the foundations of your home. The last thing you want is a beautiful garden but a sinking property.

Unleashing your creativity upon the design of your garden will allow you to rediscover the valuable outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.