A truly shameless blog post

I’ll never claim to not be shameless when I need to be. So I will now be shameless. Behold!

A Year of HitchcockMy book, co-authored with Jim McDevitt, was released in April. If you have yet to get a copy, do take a look. If you have yet to tell a friend about it, please do so. If you have a film lover in your family or circle of friends, please consider it as a Christmas present. You can get it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers. Your support is appreciated.

While you’re at it, please look at our podcast of the same name. If you have not subscribed (it’s free), please do so. If you have not told your friends about it, please do so. If you have not added it to your Facebook feed, please do so. Again, your support is appreciated.

For you writers reading this, I did a series of posts about the road to publication you may be interested in.

Okay, shameless self-promotion over. Go on about your business.

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