Time, time, can I get a few hours?

Too much to freakin’ do and not enough time to do it. Not that it isn’t my own fault. No one FORCES me to do this stuff. But I do it anyway because, you know, it’s fun. Or seems like fun. Or something.

So anyway.

Collaborating on an ambient music project with Daniel Davis of Carl Sagan’s Ghost. Go download some of his music. It’s damn spiffy, and I’m quite pleased to be working with him. We’ve a few tracks in progress (“Without Waking,” “Snow Queen’s Slumber”) that are sounding quite nice so far. If you want music to chill out to, this will be it.

I’m also doing a remix of one of the tracks on his upcoming album. He doesn’t know it yet, but I took his five-minute song and abused it until it stretched out to 23 minutes or so. Clearly “overkill” is the word of the day. It will be part of a remix EP accompanying the album, due out (I think) next month).

Quite happy and totally flattered that Cary Christopher, an excellent writer and all around awesome guy over at DVD in my Pants, called my last m2 record one of his top albums of the year. I mean, whoa. That’s pretty awesome. That stuff recorded for myself and to satisfy my own listening wants manages to touch other people astounds me.

So now is a good time to plug it. Here’s the album. It’s sheets of sound and ringing guitar tones and washes of layered noise. Ear-bleedingly relaxing (I hope). If you like My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno, The Azusa Plane, Windy & Carl, Tangerine Dream Popol Vuh and others, give it a listen.


m2 – Dying Mother

1) Dying Mother (11:15)
2) Squeezed Breath From Hardened Lungs (11:58)
3) Love Hate Love (11:20)
4) Ruined Days and Sleepless Nights (13:42)

Oh yeah, and surf over to Weird Tales and check out part 4 of my Sandman series.

That is all.