This music is plugtastic!

The first record from Carl Sagan’s Ghost is out and ready for download. Go here to get it. It’s ambient music, very soothing stuff, the kind of think you put on and mellow out to. I’ll have an epic 23-minute remix of “Soldania” on an upcoming EP to accompany the album. Ideally, it will be good sleeping music.

Yes, such a thing exists. I swear to god. Few things are better than laying in bed on a hot summer night, sweat clinging to your skin and the breeze touching you like some unseen lover, and Windy & Carl just kind of filling up the space around you. Not played too loud — always softly — only just enough to chase away my tinnitus. It’s not music, it’s a part of the room you’re in.

A few months back I did a (very) short EP of music that was not ambient music. Rather, Music for Weird Tales was a series of 13 one-minute long soundtracks to stories that don’t exist, soundtracks intended to be creepy and atmospheric and maybe a bit weird and disturbing. Some of them may be featured in some upcoming promotional videos for Weird Tales magazine, so that’s cool.

Check it out:


Feel free to download songs like The 85, Blasphemous Horrors, or (my favorite), The 13th Song. Even better, just go here and download the entire thing. Small file sizes, short running time, what have you got to lose?

Speaking of ambient music, surf on over to Stanley Lieber’s blog and give his music a download. He is a bedroom Brian Eno as seen through the dark, smudgy lens of global politics and industrial police states.

That means it’s good. Check it out.

Yes, there’s an ESJ connection, too. If you try out his aufklärung album (which is excellent), you’ll find that two of the tracks feature drum programming by yours truly. Specifically, daruma-otoshi and the title track.

But just go download the whole thing, because it’s really good.

I’ve not written nearly as much about music as I’d like to have done. Wrote a Traveling Wilburys review — yeah, big whoop — and only a few other things. I’d like to rectify that one day. Music is a pretty major part of my life and if given the chance I’d like to wax poetic about it for a page or ten.

Hell, I might have to blog about it, at the very least. It’ll be fun to bore people to death.

As one final note, I guess I should plug part 8 of my 10-part series on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (The Sandman Vol. VIII — World’s End).

That is all. Carry on with your day.