THIS is how you do a movie trailer – Arrival (2016)

How wonderful to not know something exists, stumble across a trailer for that thing you didn’t know existed, and be instantly blown away at a mere minute of mind-blowing speculative fiction goodness. (Yes, I used “blow” twice.)

What I mean is, watch this damn trailer:

Now THAT is how you do a movie trailer. Simple, sparse, moody, and frickin’ gripping as hell. That’s it. That’s all I need to see. I’m done. I’m in. I’m seeing it. Might even skip the full trailer that are teasing, because I don’t need to see anything else but this.

Yes, it appears to be yet another alien invasion story. I don’t care. I love alien invasion stories. And it appears to be a different take on them, so that’s nice. No exploding monuments. No daring soldiers. This appears to share more DNA with, say, Contact than Independance Day.

And that means I’m signed up, locked in, and read to go.

More thoughtful speculative fiction, please, and fewer trailers that rely on LOUD to get our attention. ‘Cause this? This is right in my wheelhouse.


  1. Nerd Out With MeNerd Out With Me

    I can’t wait to see this.

  2. Chris KnightChris Knight

    Go to the shot at 24 seconds in…that’s right out of Krull.

  3. Stephen SegalStephen Segal

    Ted Chiang is one of the strongest science fiction writers out there today. In addition to The Story of Your Life, which Arrival is the adaptation of, his novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects is also great:

  4. Michael San JuanMichael San Juan

    That looks awesome

  5. James HansonJames Hanson

    And I can’t wait to see what she does when Xenu comes out of that ship


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