The Incredible Effects of Tech on the Music Industry

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There is no doubt that technology has impacted almost every area of your life that you can think of. And one of the main industries that has been affected is the music industry. In just a few years, vinyl collections became tapes, which then became CDs, moving on to become MP3 files, and for some, became vinyl all over again! So, in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the main technological advances which have affected the music industry over the years.

Digital Devices

Arguably the biggest impact has been made by digital devices. Music is more accessible for more people than ever before. Everyone can walk around with thousands of songs in their pockets at any given time. And there are a host of devices to play it all from including phones, tablets, and PCs with the best DAC. People can also write and record music much more easily without the need for huge amounts of expensive equipment.


This has been an issue that has been discussed extensively in the music industry, but there is no doubt that auto-tune has been used by all kinds of musicians and performers. Pitch-faulty notes can easily be re-tuned to the nearest semitone in a subtle manner. Of course, there are also performers who have used these effects much more obviously, but this generally subtle shift has made a big difference in the business.

Digital Streaming Software

It is hard to think back to the days when music wasn’t so readily accessible, but there is no doubt that digital streaming software was a game-changer. You suddenly had the option of listening to artists from around the world at the touch of a button – and you could also upload your own music to get heard by a wide audience. Of course, the downsides have been well documented as well, with a lot of artists and labels having their profits drastically affected by this change.


Before MIDI came along, you would need musicians of every different kind in the studio with you to record all the individual parts. Synthesizers and music production systems have meant that artists can compose elaborate tracks at a fraction of the cost. So, we have seen a lot more creative freedom and fusion of genres since this creation.


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Smartphones have changed the music industry in more ways than simply being able to thousands of songs at once. They have also meant that you can buy concert tickets from wherever you are located at the touch of a few buttons. You would think that this is the pinnacle of accessibility, but who knows where the industry will head in the next few years with things still moving at such a rapid pace.

Technology continues to influence the music industry and it has changed it beyond all recognition over the last couple of decades in particular. With things moving at such a rate, who knows where the next couple will take it?