The Atari 2600, Axis & Allies, classic board games, and other Youtube shenanigans

I’ve been lax in posting recent Hours in the Attic videos because Reasons, so I figured the best way to alleviate my guilt would be to post several at once. Two are board game-related, which is always fun because board games rock, and the third is a bit of Atari 2600 nostalgia. So that’s swell. Check them out while I get back to pretending I’m a writer (and don’t forget to subscribe):


This next one, I don’t know how Tig managed to salvage it, because I was just rambling without direction or focus. That’s what years worth of loving this game will do to you, I guess. Axis & Allies isn’t the deepest war game out there, but for me it’s the most fun. I still love it. Just wish life conspired to let me play it more often.

And finally, the classic Atari 2600. We were prepping for another video when he showed me he had brought it. I got excited and just told him, “Hit record!” making this a semi-unplanned video. I don’t even recall what we were supposed to be recording. Books from childhood, maybe? Anyway, this is our most popular episode so far:


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