The 4 Rules & Tools To Maintain A Pool

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The fact that you have a pool in your backyard is not only glamorous but necessary. Now that it is the summertime, the mercury is going to rise and the cool water will be a Godsend. However, no one wants to take a dip in a dirty pool. Unfortunately, a swimming pool will get polluted from time to time, especially if it is outside. Therefore, it is your responsibility to keep it clean so that you can enjoy the benefits. Whether you clean it by hand or use an Aquabot X4 to do the job for you, the important thing is that your pool is getting cleaned thoroughly and regularly. The good news is that you don’t need to look far for help as underneath are the maintenance tips and tricks every pool owner should know.

Check For Leaks

The first step is to check for a leak because there will be no pool if the water escapes. Now, finding water that seeps out might sound easy, but it is far from simple. Most of the time, a leak isn’t easy to detect with the naked eye. If it is only small, it could be almost impossible to see until it is too late. Thankfully, there are pool leak detection experts on hand to help. Quite simply, they use industry resources to check for any cracks and repair them on site. For those that are worried about the price, it’s cheaper than refilling the entire pool.

Skim Every Day

Once you are sure there is no leak, the next step is to focus on the water. There are plenty of ways to do this, but you want one that is low-tech and low maintenance. After all, no one wants to spend half their day cleaning out a pool. With a skimmer, there is no reason to waste time or energy. Sure, it seems like hard graft, but the truth is that it is straightforward. All you have to do skim the water on a daily basis to rid it of any surface gunk. And, you only need to do it for five to ten-minutes.

Maintain Chlorine Levels

The chemical levels need to be spot on if you want the pool to be a safe and clean environment. If the levels are low, dirt and grime will breed bacteria, and they will thrive in the conditions. But, if it’s too high, the chlorine will irritate the eyes and skin as soon as it makes contact. The key is to research chemical levels and check that they stay balanced. Then, the cleaning substances should leave the pool in perfect working order.

Shock The Pool

Sometimes, a balanced chemical composition isn’t enough. Imagine the pool after a party or a day of the kids and their friends messing around. It is bound to be murky and unclean. The murkiness is bacteria that form from all the grime, and it’s vital you remove it as soon as possible. Your usual tactic won’t work, which is where shocking comes into play. Simply put, it is where you raise the chemical levels to obliterate any bacteria.

After a short while, you bring the levels back to normal and the pool should be fine.