Taking Inspiration From All Sources: Where To Look

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We need inspiration in all aspects of our lives, wouldn’t you agree? To write something you must first have the thought and inspiration of what you want to write about. To sing a song you must feel inspired by your mood, something you see or something you hear. To decorate your home, to pursue a career, to know what you want for your evening meal or your lunch, most of it comes from some form of inspiration and it literally is all around us. So if you find yourself lacking on this front don’t despair, here are some of the unlikely sources you can find inspiration.

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Social media

Social media is one of the best places to find information out these days. Historically, news used to break on the TV or on the radio, but these days, you can simply log in to your social media profiles and be greeted with the latest news and information. Not only is it a good source for that, but you are able to find out other things that interest you. Social media algorithms track what you read and do online, and so present to you information in your feed that they think is what you want to see. It can be inspiring, it can be newsworthy, it can make you laugh. Social media has it all at your fingertips.

People in the media

Let’s face it, people are inspired by all sorts of things but the biggest is the people they see in the media. We only have to see the way young adults are dressing and acting thanks to the media attention the like of the Kardashians are getting. But I think that people in the media can be inspiring, politicians and congressman in the USA such as Mike Crapo, Political leaders all over the world, Jacinda Ardern making it normal for women to have top jobs and still start and raise a family. There are people protesting for women’s rights, men’s rights, dads to see their children, these are the people out there in the media that are inspiring us daily in terms of our views and our actions.

Open spaces

When was the last time you sat somewhere completely quiet and open. A field, on top of a hill, the countryside. It can actually be one of the most inspiring places there is. Being at one with nature, listening to nothing but delicate sounds, it can allow your mind to wander. It is one of the best things to do if you find you need some inspiration to a problem you are facing.

Friends or colleagues and your past experiences

Friends and colleagues can also be a huge inspiration to you. It might be because of their actions or their achievements, their personality and their temperament. There will be different people that we gain different things from. The same can be said for our past experiences, looking back on those can be a source of inspiration when it comes to making future decisions.

I hope that this has given you something to think about in terms of where we get our inspiration from.


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