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How to create a strong password

Forget climate change or war or some sort of nuclear apocalypse – the biggest threat to the world right now comes from cybercrime. As more and more of our data is stored online and we put our trust in technology to handle sensitive information like bank details and health records, the information available for hackers to harvest is increasing all the time. You might think that it is just governments and big Hollywood stars who are at risk of a cyberattack – like when North Korea hacked Sony in 2014 – but the every day information of John from Nebraska or Jill from Texas can be just as valuable. How do you guard yourself against cyberattacks? The most basic technique is through password security. Here’s…
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3 Accessories That Are Great for Gaming

So, you have bought yourself a new gaming computer or assembled a new one so you can start playing your favorite video games. You might have found the best gaming computer under 1000 and be very chuffed with it. But even with the best processors, graphics cards, and other top-notch computer hardware, your gaming experience will never be complete if you don’t have the best gaming accessories to add to your gaming set. You may have already bought the best gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, joystick, and a high-quality headset. But are you sure you already have everything that you need to take your gaming to the next level? Here are three great accessories for gaming that you may have possibly missed from your list. Check…
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