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I think I’m a beer writer now…

Way back when I first wrote Stuff Every Husband Should Know and contributed to Geek Wisdom, I pitched the idea of doing a beer book to my editor at Quirk Books. I can kinda write, and I like beer, so why not bring the two together for a beer book? I was given a dose of reality. You have no history of beer writing, he said, so pitching a beer book would be difficult. Made sense. I may write, but that doesn’t mean I could suddenly do a great book on growing great tulips. (I could.) I needed experience. So I started blogging about beer. It was a way to get my feet wet and start building cred in the beer world. To be honest,…
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“Stuff Every Husband Should Know” Giveaway

Interested in a free copy of Stuff Every Husband Should Know, the book I wrote last year for Quirk Books? If so, surf on over to this website and take a gander. One copy is up for grabs at no cost other than an email. Hurry up before someone else snags it! And hey, why wouldn’t you want the book Guerrilla Geek called “a book not just for married men, or even committed men, but for all you single men out there who are wondering just what the hell you need to do to get a girl to stay with you for more than a week”? (You can check out their full review right here.) Good luck, and may the fastest emailer win.

Happy birthday to the mostest awesomest editor

Stephen Segal is awesome. I can vouch for this. He’s not awesome for being an award-winning editor, nor even for being the guy who guided me during the writing of Stuff Every Husband Should Know, Geek Wisdom, and Whispers of the Old Hag, my piece for the legendary Weird Tales Magazine. He’s awesome because he’s awesome. He’s not just a colleague in the publishing industry, nor my supervisor for several projects, nor even a good fellow. He’s a great guy, a tremendous talent, and a friend. Today is his birthday. Happy birthday, buddy. Hope to see you soon.

Husbandly news in the, errr … news

Here is a little piece about the ol’ Husband book that appeared in today’s Birmingham News. Check it out. Heck, ReTweet it, too. In more exciting news, I’m just days away from wrapping up final edits on the first draft of a science fiction novel. It’s an action-packed story set in a dystopian America of the near future. I still have a long way to go on it but hope to be feverishly writing the next draft by Memorial Day.