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Stuff Every Husband Should Know manuscript = complete

Stuff Every Husband Should Know

Headline says it all. The manuscript for my next book, a pocket book called Stuff Every Husband Should Know and scheduled for publication next spring by Quirk Books, has been finished and turned in to my awesome editor, Stephen Segal. This doesn’t mean my work is finished, of course. There will be more to do on the project. But the tough stuff is done. And that’s good. Now I set my sights on scripting my next comic anthology, which I have mentioned a few times before. Some great stuff is coming in from the artists involved, really exciting images that are bringing these stories to life in ways I hadn’t imagined. Can’t wait for people to see more. Further preview pages will be coming soon….
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Eric does soundtrack music for Weird Tales

Late last year, Stephen Segal, Editorial & creative director at the legendary Weird Tales, asked me to contribute some soundtrack music for a series of brief promotional videos he had in the works. The second of those videos (and first featuring my music) is now online. Check it out: The track is called “Blasphemous Horrors”. If you found those creepy sounds interesting, you can surf right over here and download all 13 one-minute compositions I did for Weird Tales. I think you’ll find them jarring, disturbing, and just this side of cool.