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Some books by friends

You folks should check out some of these books. They’re self-published by folks I know, but knowing these folks isn’t the point. I wouldn’t be plugging them if they sucked. They don’t suck. These are interesting, unusual, and memorable books worth checking out. Brian Spaeth is a visionary and probably also a lunatic. I would not let him date my daughter, but I would let him give a speech at my funeral. He has some books. The Christmas Bridge – “It’s a timeless excitement fable and that means maybe lessons, and explosions, and emotions, and etc.” LOL, WUT? In The Christmas Bridge, Christmas is outlawed. So, “When charismatic life drifter JESI BURNS and one-time actoring icon NICK KEEGE are tasked by Santa Claus himself to…
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“Shackles” – an anthology preview

The following is a rough layout for a story in my upcoming comic anthology. The story is called “Shackles” and it is set in London circa 1778. The art is incomplete, obviously, but gives you a sense for what we’re doing. Click here for a version large enough to read. We took an interesting approach on this one. I penned a conversation and provided the text to independent comic creator and musician Stanley Lieber, creator of Massive Fictions, among others. (Some of you might recall that I remixed some of his music.) No stage direction, no art direction, just some text based on a talk he and I had about the situation and themes we’d be dealing with. Stanley then took that conversation and gave…
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This music is plugtastic!

The first record from Carl Sagan’s Ghost is out and ready for download. Go here to get it. It’s ambient music, very soothing stuff, the kind of think you put on and mellow out to. I’ll have an epic 23-minute remix of “Soldania” on an upcoming EP to accompany the album. Ideally, it will be good sleeping music. Yes, such a thing exists. I swear to god. Few things are better than laying in bed on a hot summer night, sweat clinging to your skin and the breeze touching you like some unseen lover, and Windy & Carl just kind of filling up the space around you. Not played too loud — always softly — only just enough to chase away my tinnitus. It’s not…
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