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Thinking about doing some self-publishing, part 1

The world of self-publishing, especially in the digital realm, is an exciting one. Not for what it currently is, but for what it could be. There are some established authors who are doing well in self-publishing. So good, in fact, they hope to get the publishing rights back to some of their traditionally published books because they can make more money doing it on their own. Other established authors are getting together to do the same. In theory there is a very exciting future ahead for self-publishing, ebooks in particular. I say “in theory” because I also have some strong reservations about the self-publishing boom, but that’s a discussion for another time. Right now I just want to talk about my own foray into that…
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Am I crazy?

Driving home from work the other evening and ideas are rolling through my head. Sitting at a traffic light and it occurs to me, “Say, I should self-publish a science fiction anthology next year, maybe something with a Mars theme. Invite writers to submit stories, do it via CreateSpace and list it at Amazon. Yeah, that would be fun.” What the bloody hell is WRONG with me?

eBook pricing is just too damn high

The Kindle, the Nook, the this, the that. The makers of eBook readers are pushing pretty hard to make them the next iPod, only with words instead of tunes. Word of mouth tends to be very positive, too. Me, I just can’t jump on board yet. The price of entry is still too high — over $250 for the low-cost model — and the price of books on it is, in my opinion, absurd. You’re generally paying $9.99 for a new release, which is fine if you’re a person who needs to have a book right now, but is still several dollars more expensive than a paperback edition. That’s right. The virtual copy can cost more than a real, physical copy. As far as I’m…
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